At Body Control Pilates we help you “come home” to your own body…

We help you Move Better and Feel Better!

Body Control Pilates - Canada

Imagine a state of wellness where the mind and body are in perfect harmony.
This is what you can achieve with Mindful Movement.

Body Control Pilates seamlessly integrates the mind and body approach to exercise. It allows you to build strength without adding bulk and then helps to balance that strength with flexibility and mobility.

You can literally reshape your body so that you become longer, leaner, taller and more toned.
You’ll learn how to relieve pain, stress and tension, and start using your body with more comfort and effortless ease.

No matter what your fitness level, you can use Body Control Pilates to strengthen your core muscles and rebalance the body from the inside out through a series of gentle yet challenging, well-constructed movements.

Men and women, teens, young adults and seniors, athletes and non-exercisers alike, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Body Control Pilates. In addition to providing Pilates mat classes and personal training, Evelyn Charters and her colleagues offer intensive and extended Pilates teacher training and mentoring in the international Body Control method in the Toronto and Vancouver areas, serving all of Canada.